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PRO TEXTIL is a system of aluminum frame profiles and accessories to construct frames for textile print presentation. Tensioned by a silicone strip 14 x 3 mm pressed into the profile, the change of prints is extremely easy.

The silver anodised profiles in depths of 16, 46, 66, 100 and 120 mm are available in lengths of 3 and 6 meters.
The frame assembly is really easy and requires no welding - steel and aluminium corner-joints are secured with hexagon screws. Moreover it is possible to build cubes and freestanding frames using the accessories we offer.

By using the frames 66, 100 and 120 mm the depth of profiles gives enough space for edge illumination for lightboxes up to 3 m height.


Textile frames 46 mm
Textile frames 16 mm
Textile frames 100 mm
roof textile frames
double sided textile frames
illuminated textile frames
illuminated exhibition wall, textile frames
exhibition wall, textile frames

ProTextil Box

Textilspannrahmen ProTextil Box

With ProTextil Box it is possible to construct cubes out of textile frames.
In addition, PT Box can be combined with the help of extensive accessories with other profiles of our system PRO Textile.

ProTextil 16

ProTextil 16 is a slim (only 16 mm deep), wall-mounted singlesided frame profile for textile print presentation, almost invisible from the front when the graphic is stretched.
The framee assembly is as easy as stretching the graphic. It requires no welding or drilling, the edges are simply fixed together with steel corners.
ProTextil 16 can be mounted at the wall with normal wall hooks or with fitting wall hangers.

ProTextil 46

Textilspannrahmen ProTextil 46

ProTextil 46 is 46 mm deep and its shape allows number of ways of presentation:
it can be used as singlesided frame with fabric on the front and a 2 mm Dibond on the back or as a doublesided frame with textile print on both sides.

The groove on the outside allows to place the accessories as hangers, connectors or legs on the profile without drilling.
Inside the frame has two grooves, which can be used to construct frames without welding by using corner connectors. The grooves can also be used for additional reinforcement with the support profile for large freestanding frames.
ProTextil 46 was designed mainly for frames without illumination, however it is possible to illuminate the frames from the back using the 3SLN120W LED modules.
You can find a detailed view of the corners when constructing cubes with Pt 46 and box profiles here.

ProTextil 66

With its depth of 66 mm ProTextil 66 can be edge illuminated without using any light spreading sheets.
Thanks to its design it can be used as freestanding frame with printed textile fabric on the front and a 2 mm Dibond sheet on the back or as hanging frame - mounted to the ceiling using steel wires attached to the frame through the top part of the frame.
For lager sizes it is recommended to strengthen the frame using the reinforcement profile with quick tension locks.

ProTextil 100

ProTextil 100 is designed for large, singlesided and illuminated lightboxes for textile fabric with a silicone keder.
Reinforcement profiles with tension locks and frame support profiles placed every one meter create an inner construction that allows building a lightbox of any size.
The depth of the profile gives enough room for edge illumination for lightboxes up to 3m high.
Thickness of the back Dibond sheet is max. 2 mm. Aluminum corner connectors allow easy frame assembly.

ProTextil 120

ProTextil 120 is designed for double-sided lightboxes with textile fabric print.
The total depth of 120mm allows illumination of both sides by means of LED edge illumination.
Like in all the other frameless profiles, corner connectors are used for easy frame assembly.
The frame can be used as freestanding box by using aluminum flat profiles that make a base for the frame or mounted to the ceiling using steel wires.

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